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Caring for your Mattress - Cuddly Panda Bedding

Caring for your Mattress

Mattress care is a super important and necessary element to getting the most out of your mattress.

While you have the simple aspects of mattress care such as putting a mattress protector on to eliminate the chance of staining of your mattress, one of the most overlooked aspect is rotating your mattress.

Rotating your mattress is important to anyone who has purchased a brand new mattress, through to people who have an old mattress and are looking to feel more comfortable or extend its working life.

Rotating your Mattress

Mattresses should be rotated to help keep the structure of your mattress. Sleeping on the same spot of the mattress over time can cause sagging of your mattress and the structural decline of the springs or comfort mechanism.

You should rotate your mattress to shuffle the "Sleep" areas to increase the working life of the mattress. A guide to rotating your mattress is dependent on your style of mattress.

  • Spring (coil and pocket): three to six months

  • Foam, memory foam, hybrid and latex: six months

Many people will only rotate a mattress when they feel they are not as comfortable when sleeping, or can feel a noticeable sag. This is normally too late as the mattress has lost structural integrity.


Flipping your Mattress

Many believe they should be flipping their mattresses, this is a tricky subject, whilst flipping some mattresses may work (for older mattresses that are specifically made for sleeping on both sides), it is actually a very rare thing that should be done.

Nearly all new mattresses are not made to be flipped, they are built to only be slept on one side. The bottom of the mattress does not house padding, thus meaning you are sleeping directly on the non sleep area.

We here at Cuddly Panda do not recommend flipping mattresses, and the range we sell is not designed to be flipped.

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