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Puradown 80% Goose Down / 20% Goose Feather Quilt

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Established in 1934 Puradown has long been a favourite for Australians when choosing bedding products. What started as a humble family business has grown to be one of Australia's most respected and premium bedding manufacturer. 

80+ years of experience has allowed us to understand the needs of Australians to provide products that suit our environment. Don't trust just anyone with your night sleep, trust the company everyday Australian's and luxury hotels choose, Puradown, for their sleep needs.

Puradown's 80% Goose down quilt is perfect for those who need that extra bit of warmth to give them a comfortable sleep. Premium Goose down captures the heat while effortlessly draping over your body, not feeling too heavy providing a snug and warm sleep. 

Used and trusted by luxury hotels Australia wide, bring the luxury hotel feeling home today.

Box Wall construction maximizes the loft and efficiency of the down. There are no "thin" spots or flat areas of the quilt. Down is the soft and fluffy clusters which grow under the outer layer of Geese to protect them from the cold. Down is a lighter and has better insulation capabilities than normal feather. The more down content the better the quilt will be for warmth and quality.

Puradown's Goose down and feather is put through and extensive washing process which removes all bacteria and dust leaving 100% clean non allergenic down/feather. 


  • 80% Goose Down & 20% Goose feathers
  • Boxed Wall cassette construction
  • Light-weight luxury down proof cotton casing
  • Made In Australia
  • 5 Year Guarantee*

Size information:

  • (SINGLE) 135 X 210 (Fill weight 800gm)
  • (DOUBLE) 180 X 210 (Fill weight 1000gm)
  • (QUEEN) 205 X 210 (Fill weight 1200gm)
  • (KING) 240 X 210 (Fill weight 1400gm)
  • (SUPER KING) 270 X 240 (Fill weight 1800gm)

*Product warranty applies to faults in manufacturing or materials.