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Babocush Vibrating Comfort Cushion

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The Babocush Colic Relief Vibrating Comfort Cushion has been named the miracle product for babies worldwide. Designed by a mum for those times when you need an extra pair of hands to soothe your baby and none are available.

The magic of this miracle cushion is that you lay bub on it, strap them in securely and press the on button and it will gently vibrate and play the soothing sound of mother’s heartbeat.  This has an amazingly soothing and calming effect on babies as it simulates the feeling of being back in the womb.


The Babocush  can also be used on a non-slip surface without being attached to a bouncer, rocker or swing.

The Babocush helps support tummy time and is great for strengthening your baby’s neck, back and trunk as well as helping prevent flat head syndrome, and promoting cognitive development.


  • Lux-Velour Fabric
  • Easy Wash Cover (machine wash at 30 degrees)
  • Open-Cell Breathable Foam
  • Innovative Mother’s Heartbeat Feature
  • 5 Point Quilted Harness
  • Attaches securely to recommended bouncers
  • Attaches securely to the Babocush Ergonomic Bouncer
  • Suitable for babies from newborn up to 6 months old or 21 pounds / 9.5 kilos
  • Use on a non-slip surface or attach to the Babocush Bouncer