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Bamboo Breathe Eze Innerspring Mattres 1295 X 690
Bamboo Breathe Eze Innerspring Mattres 1295 X 690
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Bamboo Breathe Eze Innerspring Mattres 1295 X 690
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Bamboo Breathe Eze Innerspring Mattres 1295 X 690

Bamboo Breathe Eze Innerspring Mattres 1295 X 690

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Did you know that your baby will spend up to 70-80% of their first year sleeping?

That is a substantial part of their day snoozing on their mattress, so it needs to be ergonomic and safe.

Why are our Innerspring Mattresses Better?

Our innerspring mattresses have a unique 3 layer design:

Layer 1

Comprises of high-quality quilted fabric covers that are breathable and are quilted for your baby’s comfort. Our covers vary from cotton to bamboo covers, depending on what you prefer for your baby. The outer cover can be removed for washing with the easy to use zip and therefore provide a clean and hygienic sleeping surface so toilet training is now made so much easier.

Layer 2

Comprises of the thermally-bonded fibre pad and wadding which is safer and more supportive. All padding and wadding are made using heat bonded polyester fibre. Polyester fibre is a great form of padding and provides a firm and elastic sleeping surface for your baby.

Did you know that over 12% of the population suffer from asthma and 40% from allergies, our Breathe Eze Mattress Range is a breath of fresh air for your newborn baby.

Our breathe eze fibre is made from polyester which is a non-toxic, non-harmful and low VOC product. Polyester fibres are strong and the size of our fibres are large, so they are non respirable and therefore prevent airborne fibre occurrence. This limits any chance of becoming a potential airborne pollutant and is therefore much better for your baby.

The breathe eze fibre is not only breathable for your baby but dust mite and allergy-resistant and anti-microbial also, which is so essential for your precious baby’s growing body.

There is no foam in our breathe eze fibre mattresses. We do not use foam in our breathe eze mattresses because we believe it is toxic for your baby as it omits fumes which may impact on your baby’s respiratory system. We also do not use foam as it is highly combustible and often requires the addition of formaldehyde and fire retardants. There are no fire retardants or formaldehyde in our mattresses as our breathe eze fibre is inherently flame retardant and does not flare up like other textiles.

We use thermally bonded fibre as this process utilizes less chemicals and reduces your baby’s exposure to harsh chemicals used in other chemical and petroleum methods of bonding. So there are no binders, adhesives or blowing agents that may have significant health impacts over time.

Layer 3

Comprises of the spring and frame construction. Our Innerspring range uses high-quality Bonnell springs which provide exceptional support for your growing baby, for years to come.

Bonnell springs are hourglass-shaped and the ends of the wire are knotted or wrapped around the top and bottom circular portion of the coil and tied. All the individual springs are then tied together using spring wire, and the completed structure is reinforced with a strong border wire to retain the shape and form a mat. A round helical crosswise connects every single spring to a spring unit.

A different thickness (being the gauge) of wire in the springs makes a harder or softer mattress. For infants, the Australian Standard recommends a firmer mattress, so our mattresses have a lower gauge. The number of springs per mattress type is one of the key quality characteristics of a Bonnell spring mattress which makes our mattresses the best choice for your baby.

The specially designed superior quality Bonnell springs are supported by a tempered steel frame for orthopaedic support for your baby’s body through their head, neck, back, spine and intervertebral discs.

Very importantly our corners are supported by corner springs which help to prevent entrapment of your baby’s limbs when they stand on the corner of their cot.

So your baby is better supported on our innerspring mattress.

We are so confident that you and your bub will enjoy the safety and comfort of our mattress for longer that we offer a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on the structure of the springs.

It is now easy to make the safest choice for your baby with our breathe eze mattress.


• Firm and supportive

• 200 grams deluxe quilted cover

• Breathe Eze bonded fibre pad

• Bamboo fabric cover which is thermo regulating and cool in summer and warm in winter

• Bamboo is gentle on sensitive skin and better for bubs with eczema

• Bamboo is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial so perfect for developing little lungs and delicate skin

• Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton for a drier feel even after an accident as it wicks moisture away from baby

• Innerspring mattress with corner supports to reduce entrapment

• Bonnell springs with tempered steel frame

• Allergy & dust mite resistant

• Anti-microbial

• Quilted both sides

• Easy zip off cover for washing


Mattress Size 1295mm x 690mm x 100mm
Package Size 130cm x 69.5cm x 11cm
Fabric Type Bamboo Fabric
Cover Style Zip Off Cover
Standards Testing Tested to Australian Standard AS/NZS 8811-1:2013 – Sleep Surface Test For Firmness
Product Care Remove cover gently and hand wash or gentle machine wash in a laundry bag in cool water with mild detergent.


Dry mattress pad in a shady area. Do not heat dry, dry clean or wash in hot water as it will cause shrinkage of the cover.

Rotate your mattress regularly (once per week when you change your sheets), especially where your child sleeps in the same position. This will prevent compression of your mattress.

At least once per month, we recommend that your mattress is aerated in the sun, on a warm sunny day.

Lay the mattress on a flat clean surface and rotate through the day. This helps to ensure your mattress stays aerated and firm.Do not leave your mattress wet or damp as this will cause mould and other fungi to grow in and on your mattress. If you use a mattress protector wash it weekly with your baby’s sheets and air your mattress, as the mattress protectors can trap moisture, in humid conditions, and damage your mattress.

Do not store heavy objects on your mattress, as this will cause compression of your mattress.

We do not recommend that you use a second hand mattress. See why in our information blog.

For further information see your product care label.

Product Warranty We offer a 1 year (from date of purchase) manufacturer’s warranty for any manufacturing faults.


We offer an additional 10-year (from date of purchase) manufacturer’s warranty on the structure of the springs, for the first user of the mattress.

These warranties cover manufacturing faults and do not include wear and tear of fabrics or piping or zips (tearing, pillaging, stitching coming out or ripping, fraying of fabrics), shrinkage of fabrics during washing, freight damage or compression in the mattress, where the care instructions were not followed.