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A H Beard Gibson Mattress Range

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A simple fact — what you do tomorrow will be decided by how well you sleep tonight.
Sleep is essential to your health and wellbeing, and it’s not just the amount of sleep
you get, but also the quality of that sleep that is important. That’s why A.H Beard has
spent decades developing advanced support technologies and innovative comfort
components to ensure a restful and uninterrupted night’s sleep on each and every bed
they make.

The Perry Range carries the blue butterfly logo which means it is approved by
the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program. You can
rest assured that they provide long term protection from dust mites, mildew
and bacteria to ensure a healthier sleep environment.

The Australian Institute of Sport is renowned for producing world, Olympic
and Paralympic champions by combining high performance expertise with
world-class facilities and cutting-edge sports science/medicine services.

They understand that sleep is just as important for elite performance as
coaching and practice. Good quality sleep can give athletes, and everyday
humans, a winning edge. It can be the difference between gold and silver.
A World Record and a personal best.

As the official mattress partner of the AIS, A.H. Beard is helping our elite
athletes achieve their dreams. Couldn’t you do with a little performance boost?


The Gibson range features Ultraloft, a primary cushioning comfort layer delivering exceptional resilience and comfort.

Comfort foams provide body-conforming comfort and pressure relief to minimise tossing and turning. A.H. Beard chooses to use EvoFoam to provide you with even greater levels of comfort that are environmentally friendly for a healthier sleep environment.


The Contour Coil 3 Zone support system is specifically engineered to respond directly to weight applied to ensure a firm even support to the body. The support system features a centre zone that encourages natural spinal alignment, and provides extra support for the lumbar region.

Double Flex Edge support offers edge to edge support resulting in a larger sleeping surface.

The Gibson range comes in 3 feels:

  • Plush - Soft
  • Medium - Medium
  • Firm - Firm





Stretch Knit Fabric Yes Yes Yes
Ultraloft Fibre Blend Yes Yes Yes
Quilting Comfort Foam Yes Yes Yes
Comfort Foam Plush Medium
Countour Coil 3 Zone Support System Yes Yes Yes
Double Flex Edge Support Yes Yes Yes